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vivre un pèlerinage comme une traversée de frontières

Armin, participant au pèlerinage ’avec Sainte Philippine traversons les frontières’ donne un écho de cette exprience

This pilgirimage was full of first-ever things for me ! And from the first moment, because I have never travelled by plane, just made 2 small sightseeing flights before. But every second was a great experience, except the ear pain...

Another specialty according to the travel was that I have never been so far from home, so it was literally a crossing of new borders for me. I have never been at an event abroad where I had to get on sometimes by myself in a foreign language, and it is harder for me because of my hearing, despite my english is pretty good. With languages I chose a frontier to cross, speaking french.

I have learned it 15 years ago, and almost never used it, and even not practiced before the travel, so, in the first days it was catastrophic, but slowly I saw the evolution ! It was amazing to see that french people were so kind and patient in mapping of my french skills at that times !

In walking, I felt physically surpassing myself when we went to Pic StMichel, that was the best day of the pilgrimage, because I saw when I looked to different parts and scenes of the mountain that how great and allmighty is God, making possible these beautiful creations, and making it possible to us to reach them !

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